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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Cookies are the files stored on your computer to improve your user experience on any website. We describe the kind of information we collect using cookies and how we use them on this page. We will also share details about how to opt out of allowing these files to aggregate data. However, this may break certain functionality of the website elements and downgrade your experience.

What Cookies We Use

Following are the cookies we use for the website


Orders Processing Cookies

This site provides online services, and the transaction facilities require cookies to ensure safe, secure, and complete processing.


Form Cookies

This website includes multiple forms, such as the ones on the Contact Us page. When you submit data into the fields, we can set cookies to remember your details for a better experience.


Third-Party Cookies

The Online Dissertation Help website uses Google Analytics to provide seamless services to our customers. These cookies help us understand how you use the information provided on the website so we can improve our processes.

If you want more information regarding the use of Google Analytics cookies, please check their official page.


Social Media Cookies

We provide social media buttons on our website for easy access to the relevant pages. The cookies help connect with your social network.


Site Improvement

Online Dissertation Help tests website features on a regular basis to check how they work and look for ways to improve. During the testing process, we use cookies to ensure you receive a consistent experience. Once we conclude which features to implement for website optimisation as per our users, we make those small changes to how information is delivered on the pages.


Purchase Data

We provide online products and services to users in the United Kingdom. In order to understand purchase patterns and create reports to analyse our costs and KPIs, we need cookies to track purchases. None of this information is personally identifying.


How to Disable Cookies for Online Dissertation Help Website

Some cookies are essential for the functionality of the website, so there are no options to disable those. But for the rest, you can adjust the cookie settings on your preferred browser to disable them. However, please note these cookies are important to deliver a seamless experience to you.


If you don’t want to be tracked by the Google Analytics cookie specifically, you can get an add-on for your browser here:


If you need more details or step-by-step instructions on disabling other cookies, you can get all the information at


For more information about our cookie usage, you can contact us through email at:

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