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Frequently Asked Questions

What is methodology in a dissertation?

This is the chapter where you describe your research process to the reader and justify your choices. You should include:


• What type of research methods you chose, and why
• Your data collection methods
• Your data analysis process

How do you write a methodology example?

If you’re looking for an example, we have two in the sample section above. But if you need an outline, here’s what you should do. Start with a strong introduction and describe your research design. The latter part would typically include the following headings:


• Research philosophy
• Research type
• Research strategy
• Timeline
• Sampling approach
• Data collection method
• Data analysis techniques


You can then outline your methodology’s limitations and conclude your chapter.

What services do you provide?

We offer MBA, Masters, and PhD dissertation methodology help. Place an order on our site right now!

What is included in a methodology?

A research methodology chapter usually includes the following sections:


• Introduction
• Research design
• Limitations in methodology
• Conclusion

Here’s How We Can Help You with Writing a Dissertation Methodology

When you hire a dissertation methodology writing service, you expect them to deliver their best work. And when you choose Online Dissertation help, you get the guarantee that you will. Our experts have worked on hundreds of papers and assisted students most when they needed help. They use their vast knowledge of their respective field to craft a research methodology you will be happy with. Here’s how we do it:

1. Explaining the Approach

The best way to approach a dissertation methodology (in our experts’ opinion) is to explain the whys, the whats, and the hows to the reader.

Why did you choose this topic?

What techniques did you use for data collection and analysis, and why

How can the reader be assured of the feasibility of this research?

Our professionals list all the possible questions and then answer them as clearly as they can. This way, the reader gets a solid background and can later keep up with your discussions in the paper.

2. Describing the Data Collection Methods

A research paper can have a qualitative, quantitative, or mixed approach to collecting data, depending on the subject and preference. Our writers have worked on all these and can expertly describe any method in detail.


For qualitative data collection, they will explain why you made the choices you did and how you chose to gather your data. They will discuss the focus groups or the interviews and outline the whole process to help the reader visualise it. Then, they will describe the observation methodology before moving on to the use of existing case studies.


For quantitative data, our writers will do the same as above with the addition of describing the experiments undertaken.


The mixed methods approach is rare but useful if need be. Our experts will use it to give readers a comprehensive view of the research area.

3. Describing the Data Analysis Techniques

Just like data collection, the analysis section will also depend on the approach used. Our experts will make sure to follow the correct procedure relevant to each. They understand numbers are not part of the equation for qualitative data analysis. So, they will use their impressive writing skills to discuss text from various sources (surveys, focus groups, etc.), images, and observations. Instead, they will use content, thematic, and discourse analysis—among others—to analyse data.


Our professionals will describe the data cleaning and preparation methods for quantitative analysis to ensure the readers are left with no doubts about the information’s reliability. They will then list the tools and platforms used, along with an explanation of the choices. Lastly, they will discuss the statistical tests used.


For mixed methods, our writers will incorporate both approaches seamlessly.

4. Assessing and Justifying all Choices

Our experts will critique the choices for every part of the dissertation methodology and explain to the reader why those were the best options in the given circumstances. They will also provide a detailed outline of the assessment process. They will then use evidence to back and justify the decisions.

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3. Custom Writing Packages

Students may not always want to place orders for complete dissertation writing services. Maybe they’re still in the content crafting process and only need assistance with a specific chapter or section. Some pupils may have trouble visualising data and need an expert to aid them with their data analysis chapter, while others may need bibliography or literature review help. No matter what the task, our experts are ready to take the burden off your back.

4. Editing and Publishing Support

All our writing packages come with free editing support. Our team of proofreaders will go through the document with their keen, observant eyes and correct all grammatical and structural issues. They will ensure your file is flawless. Moreover, if you only want our experts to edit your draft, they can do so for a small fee. And if you want us to assist you with publishing your research in a top journal, we can provide you with professional support.

5. Subject-Matter Specialists

Our experts are not new to the fields they write about. Unlike other academic help companies, we house subject-matter specialists, not generic content creators. It’s why our hiring process is so tough. We understand the market is competitive, so we only use professionals who know what they are writing about. This way, you get writers who expertly use technical jargon and complex references when and where needed.

6. Native Professionals

All the experts on our team are native professionals. Hiring offshore teams can be a good strategy to reduce costs, but we’re here to assist students in the UK. And who can help them better than locals who went through the same journey and understand the curricula, academic rules, and expectations? Everyone, from our support agents to our writing and editing teams, is from the United Kingdom.

7. Guidance and Mentorship

The academic services from Online Dissertation Help do more than just email writing samples. Our mission is to assist students to the best of our abilities, including guiding them when needed. Our one-on-one consultation services allow individuals to discuss various topics and concepts with field professionals who can break down topics into easily digestible information. This mentorship allows our customers to improve their academic performance.

8. Simple Order Process

Our order process is quite simple, and we offer multiple payment options to our customers. We also provide alternatives to filling out a form on our website. No matter your approach, there will be no friction when you buy dissertation methodology service UK from us. If you wish to place the order without assistance, you can simply fill out the form and process the payment. And if you want to discuss some things before ordering, you may call +44 203 034 0662 or email

9. Friendly Support Agents

Understandably, you’d like to talk to someone sympathetic to your troubles when you talk to a support agent. Sadly, not every company in the academic help industry can claim to have truly kind souls on their team. But we can! The hiring professionals at our agency take great care in only letting in experts who are wonderful with people. So, no matter if you have many questions for us or how urgent your concerns are, our friendly team is there to listen and accommodate you. With us, you will always get premium dissertation help online.

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