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Why Choose Our Dissertation Viva Counselling Service?

Students across the UK choose our dissertation viva services. Here’s why: Firstly, our dissertation viva counselling service is easy to access and use. So, it will only take you four steps to place your order. Secondly, you don’t need to worry when you get viva voce help from us. This is because our data security ensures we’ll always keep your details safe. And lastly, preparing for a dissertation viva can be expensive. Fortunately, our affordable services keep the costs down.

How to Order Our PhD Dissertation Viva Service

Use these steps to order PhD dissertation viva service:

Order Request

Begin order placement easily with our first step. Provide the request and requirements to help us begin.

Payment Process

Next, just complete the payment via your preferred method, and our team will start our work immediately.

Dissertation Review

Our pros go through your work to familiarise themselves with it. We also coach you during a one-on-one session.

Mock Viva Session

The final step is the mock examination. You receive expert advice at every step in prep for the actual test.

We Provide Dissertation Viva Counselling Help for Popular Topics

Our dissertation viva counselling help team offers support with over 1100+ subjects. Check the list below and choose from our most popular
subjects and topics for your viva exam.


Armed Hostilities

Art, Media, & Film

Business, Marketing, & Finances



Diet & Nutrition


Global Education

Entertainment & Media


Family, Life & Experiences

Health & Medicine


Law & Legislation




Politics & Government



Sciences & Technology


Tech & Engineering


More Reasons to Buy Our Dissertation Viva Services


We have experts with experience who know what to do in a viva exam. So, call us and get our dissertation expertise for your viva voce.

Editing and

We have editors and proofreaders to ensure your dissertation is authentic and plagiarism-free. They analyse each aspect while providing feedback.

Mock Vivas

You can consult our viva experts to understand what you need to do. They’ll explain each question examiners ask in one-on-one sessions.


There is no better way for viva prep than via observation. Our sample dissertations teach you complex strategies while preparing for your paper.

Testimonials of Our Viva Expertise

Want to discover what students say about our PhD and MSC dissertation viva service? Check out
the reviews below and place your order now.


14 Aug 2022

Dissertation Pages 15, Deadline Days 8
Such a cool way to get a doctoral degree!

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15 Jun 2022

Dissertation Pages 11, Deadline Days 7
Incredible work by the team. Thanks!

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19 Feb 2022

Dissertation Pages 2, Deadline Days 1
Wow! This service is great for viva exams.

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Human Resources

20 Jul 2022

Dissertation Pages 13, Deadline Days 10
It didn’t cost much to pass the viva!

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10 Oct 2022

Dissertation Pages 8, Deadline Days 5
Wonderful presentation structure!

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7 Nov 2022

Dissertation Pages 15, Deadline Days 13
Incredible research question help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a viva dissertation?

The viva dissertation exam is an oral examination of your dissertation. Examiners ask you questions to
determine the validity and authenticity of your paper.

How to prepare for dissertation viva?

Preparing for a dissertation viva is easy with our dissertation help UK team. Just contact them to receive
coaching to teach you the questions and responses.

How do I give my dissertation viva?

Giving your viva exam is easy. All you need is to prepare for it and answer the examiners' questions. That way,
you’ll always pass the exam.

What happens if you fail your viva?

There are only two outcomes. You might not pass if you cannot answer examiner questions satisfactorily.
But our help will ensure that doesn’t happen!

Contact Information for Our Viva Services

Contacting our team is easy! This is because there are two ways to reach our viva dissertation writing service. First, you can call us at +442030340662. Or you can email us at So,
contact us for undergraduate dissertation viva counselling today.

Types of Dissertation Viva Services We Offer

If you’re looking for viva dissertation help UK services, you’ve come to the right place! We offer support at
every level. So, our team can help whether you’re in need of MSc writing, Master’s data, PhD research, or an
MBA thesis. Check the list below and order our additional services.

MSc Dissertation Viva Service

We offer a comprehensive MSc dissertation viva service to help you prepare for the exam. Our experts
understand the subjects and can explore the various questions you may need to answer. So, order help for
your MSc dissertation today.

Master Dissertation Viva Service

We also have an option for students not majoring in science. With our master dissertation viva service,
you don’t need to worry. Instead, order now and get the Master’s support you need from experts! Our team
can help you stay ahead of the viva curve.

MBA Dissertation Viva Service

There’s no need to panic if you’re an MBA student. This is because we offer an MBA dissertation viva service!
Contact our team today and have them explore the techniques you need to pass. They can help you stay
ready for the MBA viva exam.

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