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Both our writing and PhD Dissertation editing services will help you with your critical projects. Here’s why our clients pick us, and you should, too:

Reliable Professionals

At Online Dissertation Help, you can trust the experts to treat your projects like their own. We have a robust reputation for delivering reliable services.

100% Anonymity

We understand students are sensitive about the protection of their personal details. It’s why we guarantee 100% anonymity for all clients.

Quick Service

Most of our orders require expediting from our side. It’s why we have tried-and-tested processes to ensure all our deliverables are on time.

How to Purchase a Dissertation Editing Service Online from Us

If you decide to hire our PhD dissertation proofreading services UK, the process involves only three steps apart from the delivery. Have a look:

Detail Submission

Our experts will require all your project information, like formatting style, pages, and deadline, so they can work on it appropriately.

Fee Submission

Once you fill out the information on our form, you can check the quote it shows and proceed with the payment transaction on the next page.

Draft Approval

The editor assigned to your task will deliver a draft of the edits for review, so you can approve or notify us if you need any amendments.

Final Delivery

Our experts will complete and deliver the PhD dissertation editing help you requested. We’ll make sure to send it before the due date.

We Provide Dissertation Editing Help with the Following Subjects and More

Our editing and proofreading experts can help you with any subject. Here are some of the most-requested:




















Natural Sciences





Theology and Religion

Our Best Editing Samples

We understand you would like to get a clear view of what our finished files look like. It’s to give you a better perspective of how we are as a company and what quality of service we provide. Here are two samples you can review:

Hire Our Experienced Dissertation Editors Today!

Writing is a tough job, but so is editing. It requires a keen eye for detail, meticulous care, and high-level skills. Thankfully, the team at Online Dissertation Help checks all the boxes. They have worked on numerous projects and transformed rough drafts into gems of academic work. The following experts are great at providing PhD thesis review services to our clients. Check out the testimonials below:

See What Our Clients Say About Our Editing Help Services

We provide the best PhD dissertation reviewing services in the United Kingdom. Have a look at the testimonials we get:


15 Jun 2022

Dissertation Methodology Editing: 9 pages, Deadline: 2 days


The edited dissertation paper was amazing.

Order ID: 8***874 UK


16 Jul 2022

Dissertation Editing: 16 pages, Deadline: 2 days


I am very happy with the editor. Great work!

Order ID: 6***846 UK


11 Aug 2022

Dissertation Abstract Editing: 1 page, Deadline: 1 day


The team really knows what to do. Great work!

Order ID: 1***787 UK


9 Sept 2022

Dissertation Editing: 20 pages, Deadline: 3 days


Friendly and professional. Amazing editing!

Order ID:5***991 UK

Criminal Law

16 Sept 2022

Dissertation Editing: 19 pages, Deadline: 2 days


I can’t believe the service was this good!

Order ID: 3***784 UK

Human Resources

5 Oct 2022

Dissertation Editing: 13 pages, Deadline: 2 days


They completed the editing on time. 10/10 service.

Order ID:7***626 UK

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge to edit a PhD dissertation?

At Online Dissertation Help, we take care of our customers and their needs. All our editing costs depend on the number of pages, complexity, and other variables. You can get a free quote when you fill out our order form.

What is a PhD dissertation editing services rates?

Well, the cost of PhD dissertation editing depends on various factors, but they usually cost a few hundred or thousand pounds.

How much does it cost to proofread 1000 words PhD dissertation?

The cost of a thousand words depends on the quality you want and the complexity of the paper.

Who can proofread my PhD level dissertation?

Our team of excellent editors and proofreaders can take care of your dissertation.

Here’s How We Can Help You with Editing Your Paper

When you wish to hire professional editors, you may wonder what they can assist you with. Well, here are the major types of editing, and our experts can assist you will all of these:

1. Structural Editing

Whenever students place an order or buy dissertation UK support, we want them to receive the best service and grades. That’s why our team dedicates time to hiring UK native experts who specialise in your field. This ensures that your work meets every academic requirement set by your teachers or professors. All our experts are native citizens of the United Kingdom.

2. Copy Editing

In this stage, our editors will look for spelling and punctuation errors and will improve contextual word choices. They will also make sure your content uses the right tense uniformly and there is no awkward or ambiguous phrasing to confuse the reader.

3. Line Editing

This is a simple yet time-consuming task. In this type of editing, our experts go through the file line by line and correct all typos and other grammatical mistakes they can find. They will focus on clarity and ensuring your message is delivered to the reader without any unnecessary jargon getting in the way.

4. Mechanical Editing

This is the step where the editor makes sure the client’s provided style guidelines (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) are being followed throughout the paper. Apart from this, our experts also make sure there are absolutely no issues left in the content. They will recheck for any grammatical, structural, or clarity problems.

5. Plagiarism Checks

Last but not the least, our editing professionals will check for any and all instances of plagiarism. Universities have extremely tough rules on this and may outright reject your PhD dissertation if your content doesn’t meet them. Thankfully, our proofreaders use paid tools like Turnitin and Grammarly to conduct checks and remove any issues. You can request a plagiarism report with your edited file if you wish. Simply check the relevant box on our order placement form.

Why Pick Our Editing Services

You may wonder why you should buy our PhD thesis review service when so many others in the academic help industry make the same claims as we do. And because talking about ourselves will only list us in the same category as others, we had our customer service professionals mine the client review data and identify the most commonly-cited reasons why they loved the experience of working with us so much. So, this is what our customers say impressed them:

1. Professional Services

All the editors and proofreaders we hire have an excellent work ethic. They deliver impressive PhD dissertation editing services, and we are extremely glad they are on our team. Time and again, our customers have raved about how professional their editors were, and it helps keep us on track with our mission to ensure struggling students in the UK get the best academic assistance.

2. Affordable Packages

With us, students always get cheap dissertation help. We offer the best price for the value we deliver, and all our writing and editing packages are student-friendly. Some may think providing cheap packages mean we cut down on quality, but it’s never the case with us. We have optimised our processes to reduce our operational expenses enough to accommodate low rates for our customers.

3. Accessible Service

When students look for “editing services near me”, they’re often looking for experts who can provide quick solutions. They want professionals who can be easily accessible whenever they request assistance. Our online provisions allow them to get the help they need, just the way they need it.

4. Friendly Teams

Our teams are not just brilliant; they are also kind and friendly. They actually look forward to helping students, so they will always accommodate you. This means whether you’re talking to a support agent or the editor assigned to your task, your concerns will always be considered, taken seriously, and resolved as soon as possible.

5. Native Assistance

Some of our clients request native assistance. Thankfully, we have experts fluent in multiple languages, so our customers can be comfortable describing their issues without being hindered by the language barrier. This helps us improve the quality of service we deliver.

6. PhD Dissertation Editor APA

If you’re wondering whether we house PhD dissertation editor APA, then yes, we do. We have people who specialise in different formatting standards, so even if your paper does not fully adhere to the guidelines, our editing experts will correct that. They have a complete understanding of editing and formatting content for all styles, including but not limited to APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Oxford, and Oscola. With our reviewing experts, your paper will be in the best hands.

7. Timely Delivery

When deadlines are looming, time is of the essence. Our editing professionals understand this. It’s why they are trained to work quickly and efficiently. Their experience allows them to go through the most complex papers and identify grammatical, structural, and syntax issues with no problem. Moreover, it allows them to remove these errors and create an excellent, presentable dissertation in no time.

How We Hire Our Editing Team

We have a strict system of hiring employees for our editing teams in all our departments. We understand our clients place their utmost trust in their skills and expertise, so we take all measures to ensure the professionals delivering our dissertation editing and proofreading services are top of the class. Here is how our hiring process works:

1. Qualification Verification

We receive a lot of CVs for our editing positions because of our lucrative employee benefits. So the first step is to filter through all the applications for people who meet the requirements. Once we’re done with it, we verify the qualifications of all these candidates. It’s an essential step and takes a lot of time, but our HR professionals are extremely thorough. They shortlist candidates carefully.

2. Technical Assessment

We ask candidates to complete a technical assessment. This covers all types of editing questions. We create new exams every time and keep them extremely thorough. This helps us evaluate their content reviewing and polishing skills. Our teams of professionals then check which applicants meet the threshold. They’re then invited to our rounds of interviews.

3. Interview Rounds

We have multiple rounds of interviews for all the shortlisted candidates. The HR interviews assess the individual’s ability to fit into our team and culture, while our technical ones check the skills required for the people to handle the load of work we do. Finally, we only take in candidates who pass and are ready to take on the editing and proofreading roles like a pro.

Once we hire people who meet all the criteria, we don’t stop there. We have a complete onboarding session with them and start their training. We do this to ensure they are ready to take on the pressures of urgent orders and handle multiple assignments with similar priorities at the same time. And this goes for all our employees. So, whether you hire us for our paper editing or dissertation writing services, you get the best.

PhD Dissertation Proofreading Cost

Many students reach out to us to ask what our PhD dissertation proofreading costs would be. Sadly, there’s no single answer because no two papers are the same. It’s not fair to charge the same amount to someone requesting a proofread of a single research paper chapter vs. someone who asked for a full editing package for their dissertation. It’s why we have a “build-up” pricing model, where all the variables have clearly defined values attached to them. So, when you add your options, you get to pay for exactly what you need. This is the most transparent method of identifying costs and ensures no hidden charges are applied to your paper.

And don’t worry; you will get low-priced options when you hire our dissertation editing and proofreading services. Moreover, you can avail of our multiple lifelong discounts depending on the number of pages you place an order for. Check out the complete package details right here.

When you purchase our dissertation data analysis services, we want you to have a good experience. That’s why we ensure you benefit from our guarantees. Our team guarantees special features and benefits for every student who places an order, such as:

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