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Our PhD Dissertation Proposal Writing Service Offers these Subjects

Our PhD dissertation proposal writers will assist you with any topic and subject. Here are the most recent subjects we worked on:




















Natural Sciences





Theology and Religion

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When you want to hire PhD dissertation writers UK, you must choose specialists who can create engaging, informative, and persuasive proposals. And our experts are just the people for the job. They are keen and meticulous and bring extensive experience and field knowledge to the table. Naturally, our customers love the service they receive and leave reviews so others may know about us. You can check out what they say below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How detailed should a PhD proposal be?

Your research proposal should never exceed the word count designated by your professor or institute. However, it should clearly describe the purpose of your dissertation, the market gaps it aims to fill, and your process. It should be clear and concise.

How do you write a PhD proposal outline?

Here’s a basic structure of a research proposal. You can change it depending on your content flow:


• Introduction

• Abstract

• Literature review

• Research methodology

• Discussion

• Conclusion

• References

How do I choose my PhD topic?

Choosing a topic for your PhD dissertation is arguably the most important decision because you will have to work on it for several years. And if you find out mid-way that you’re not interested or if the subject doesn’t offer as much as you thought, you will have a hard time starting from scratch, not to mention trying to make up for the wasted time. Here’s how you can choose one:


• Find subjects of interest

• Conduct basic research on each

• Discuss with peers and/or professors

• Shortlist one or two ideas

• Conduct in-depth research

• Finalise one topic and fine-tune the direction

How long is the average PhD thesis proposal?

The average PhD dissertation proposal is around 6-8 pages or 1500-2000 words. However, the length can vary depending on your institute’s specific guidelines.

Here’s How We Can Help You Write a Strong PhD Dissertation Proposal

Your PhD research proposal is an important document. Your professors will use it as a basis to evaluate whether your idea is viable and if you can deliver on it. So, if you have a clear, robust document to attach to your application, you will stand a better chance of getting your institute’s green light to start working on it. If not, you may be directed to multiple changes. And this will eat up a lot of your time, energy, and motivation. Getting a good start on your PhD will ensure you stay on track and have the boost to get a lot of work done in the first stage.


The experts at Online Dissertation Help will assist you in crafting a strong proposal at cheap rates that don’t break the bank. This is how they compile each section:

1. The Basics

Our professionals will create a professional title page including all the essential details in the correct format. They will also include a short but engaging introduction about your research supervisor.

2. The Introduction

The PhD thesis proposal experts at Online Dissertation Help understand the importance of a strong introduction. It’s why they work hard to develop one which describes the background and your motivation for the topic. They will also include a helpful guide to the structure of the paper, so the reader can easily anticipate what section will come next and keep up with the content flow.

3. The Research Objectives

It’s important for the research committee to get a clear understanding of what your dissertation hopes to achieve. Our professionals will include all your aims and objectives in an eloquent manner and also offer predictions of the outcome.

4. The Literature Review

The literature review provides a comprehensive insight into the current academic space of the subject area. Our talented wordsmiths will explain how your research ties to the existing knowledge, what gaps it aims to fill, and the background your readers need to understand your perspective.

4. The Research Methods

Our professionals will describe the type of research you will conduct and the processes, tools, and techniques you will use to do so. They will also explain the reasons for making these specific choices and justify why they are the best in this case.

4. The Limitations and Considerations

When conducting research, many real-world factors may prevent ideal results. It’s important to acknowledge them instead of shoving these issues under the rug. Our experts understand the reviewers are professionals and have a keen eye for identifying research limitations, and they may pose questions if all relevant issues are not included. To help you avoid this, our professionals will include all considerations and discuss the study constraints.

Apart from the chapter-by-chapter assistance, we will also provide free PhD dissertation editing services with your writing package. If you already have a draft of your proposal, you can place an order for our separate dissertation proofreading services.

Learn How Online Dissertation Help Can Make Your Academic Life Easier

When you’re searching for “dissertation proposal writers near me”, you may find multiple options offering low prices. However, our services are the only ones in the academic help industry that provides the best price for premium quality. Whether you choose our PhD or MBA dissertation proposal help, you are bound to get top-notch assistance and support from our teams. Have a look at why our customers keep choosing us:

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Here at Online Dissertation Help, we take our no-plagiarism pledge seriously. It’s why we offer an optional report with every order. Our experts (both writers and editors) are trained to be careful and to deliver original content to our clients.

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We offer numerous guarantees and discounts to allow our potential clients to gain trust in our services. We provide moneyback, unlimited free revisions, and quality warranties, among many others. Moreover, our discounts are served for a lifetime! See for yourself.

3. Subject-Matter Specialists

Every professional we hire hails from a reputable university and boasts of ample experience in their respective field. By hiring subject-matter specialists, we ensure every order goes to someone who understands the subject and is not afraid to dive into the complexities of the research area.

4. Easy Order Process

We make sure our clients are able to get as much assistance as possible when placing their orders. Every student has different needs, and we cater to each. Some prefer a no-contact purchase, while others wish to speak to an agent before they make a decision. We provide options and easy processes for both.

5. Affordable Services

Our services are cheap, so every student in the United Kingdom can get the academic support they need without turning to expensive options they can’t afford. We understand students’ woes and make their lives easier by lending them the assistance they need in return for a nominal fee.

6. Ad Hoc Packages

Not all students want to purchase a complete dissertation or thesis proposal. Some may need help with a single chapter or a few sections. In this case, paying the full amount is not fair. This is why Online Dissertation Help provides ad hoc writing packages for students.

Pre-Proposal Support: How Our Experts Can Help You with Your Dissertation Topic

Before you start working on your dissertation proposal, you need to choose the right topic. When you hire our dissertation proposal writing service, you can also request assistance with picking the right area for your PhD research. Have a look at the dissertations our experts have delivered for some categories:

1. Marketing

Following are the marketing topics we recently delivered to our clients:


  • Digital relationship marketing in the age of COVID-19
  • Lead generation through social media marketing
  • Using digital methods to increase brand salience
  • Impact of unethical behaviour on brands in light of cancel culture
  • Compare and contrast online and offline direct marketing

2. Law

Our law specialists have delivered dissertation proposals on the following topics:


  • Theoretical assessment of criminal theory
  • A critical analysis of the passing of risk in commercial law in England and Wales
  • Evaluation of shareholder versus stakeholder basis of corporate governance
  • An investigation of the need to account for policy considerations in tortious claims
  • An investigation into the role of trade unions in employment law

3. History

Our history experts have worked on proposals on the following topics:


  • The impact of the unification of Italy
  • The role of intelligence agencies in the World Wars
  • Britain’s greatest achievements during the Great Depression
  • A critical analysis of the main problems facing Lloyd George’s government after World War I
  • An analysis of the Stalin/Churchill relationship throughout World War II

4. Fashion

Purchase our services and get top-quality proposals on the following topic and more:


  • An evaluation of the British Royal family as leaders of fashion
  • A critical analysis of androgyny as a fashion statement
  • Evaluation of jewellery in haute couture
  • The rise of athleisure during the pandemic
  • The influence of celebrities on fashion


Here are some custom forensics topics we have covered:


  • Reliability of evidence in arson cases
  • Discussion on the consistency of forensic services across the United Kingdom
  • Impact of Internet of Things (IoT) on forensics
  • Impact of Brexit on forensic data sharing with the EU countries

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