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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a qualitative dissertation?

Working on this type of dissertation is tough. You have to change your mindset from quantitative to qualitative and go into the depths of the selected topic instead of the breadth of the knowledge space. It’s why it is best to delegate this task to a top-notch academic help service like Online Dissertation Help.

How do you display qualitative data?

When working on the data analysis section, you may need to represent data visually. You can do so by using pie charts or bar graphs.

How do you analyse qualitative data in a dissertation?

There are five main steps to analysing the qualitative data in your dissertation, namely:

1. Preparing and organising data

2.Reviewing and exploring information

3. Developing a data coding system

4. Assigning codes to the data

5. Identifying patterns in the information

What services do you provide?

We offer MBA, Masters, and PhD-level qualitative data dissertation services. You can place an order right away!

Here’s How Our Experts Assist You With Your Qualitative Data Dissertation

1. Qualitative Data Collection

Our esteemed professionals understand your qualitative data dissertation requires in-depth analysis and so depends on a robust heap of information. The research and data collection process are tough and time-consuming, but our experts know where to look and what to look for. They have access to multiple scientific databases and pull pertinent content to use as references.

Furthermore, since analysing qualitative data means looking to understand the meaning and origin of social patterns, it’s important to collect data from real-life sources. We can assist with the following:

  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Images and audio
  • Observations and records

Our experts will help you with the entire data collection process.

2. Qualitative Data Preparation

Before you can jump into the analysis stage, you need to prepare the data. Think of it this way. If someone hands you a large bundle of clothes in all colours and tasks you to pack them in separate boxes based on their hue, you have two options:

3. Plagiarism Report

We research and write every custom dissertation from scratch to ensure originality and uniqueness. We never reuse our previously written assignments and dissertations. Our dissertations are 100% original. Therefore, to prove the authenticity of our work, we offer all customers optional plagiarism reports with every order.

  •  You can line up the boxes and assign a colour to each. Then, you can pack in the relevant clothes
  • The other option is to make neat piles of same-colour items and then pack them in the boxes

By choosing either the colour coding or the neat piles, you’re preparing for the final task. Data preparation works the same way. When you have a bulk of data on your hands (and you will when working on qualitative dissertations), you need to prepare your data first before you can analyse it.

Most of the data will be in varying forms, as mentioned in the previous section. You will have images, spreadsheets of survey answers, and text observations. Extracting information from all these sources is tough if you don’t have a proper system for it. This is why you have to assign codes and ensure every piece of information is ready to be analysed. Our experts will sort all data and prepare it accordingly.

4. Qualitative Data Analysis

Analysing qualitative data is often difficult because there are no hard numbers you can crunch and say, viola! Here’s the reason why this happens. Instead, you need to work with patterns, behaviours, and observations.

Another challenging aspect is going through the varying data forms repeatedly and cross-checking them to make inferences. It’s a time-consuming process and requires utmost attention. However, our experts can do this quickly and efficiently. They have been working on qualitative data analyses for several years and have robust experience under their belts. So, you can trust them to use all means to make your analysis section a success. Here are some of the methods they may use:


  • Content analysis: To convert qualitative input into quantitative insights
  • Thematic analysis: To identify and evaluate patterns
  • Narrative analysis: To analyse reviews, observations, etc
  • Grounded theory analysis: To create hypotheses based on existing data
  • Discourse analysis: To identify user motivation and understand behaviours


4. Qualitative Data Dissertation Writing

After the research and the analysis are complete, you need to compile the dissertation. This is easier said than done. Your professor may request you to follow strict guidelines for formatting and would expect you to make your arguments eloquently. Writing skill is a prerequisite for any research paper, but when it comes to qualitative data dissertations, it’s crucial to possess the talent to send your message across to the reader without boring them. There won’t be many numbers, so you need to use your words to craft your arguments in an authoritative manner. And our experts are great at this.

Our qualitative dissertation teams are well-versed with the nuances of the writing style required for such papers. They will ensure all the arguments flow well, the content is interesting, and the conclusion wraps up everything nicely.

5. Qualitative Data Dissertation Editing

Your document should be flawless before you submit it to your professor. The professionals at Online Dissertation Help are there to ensure exactly that.

Our team of editors and proofreaders are a meticulous bunch. They are obsessed with the little details, which make them perfect for the job. With them focusing on your paper, no error can dodge their eyes. They will take care of both the basics and the advanced-level editing. This means they will correct grammar issues and conduct developmental editing to ensure the content doesn’t confuse the reader. And if you order our qualitative data dissertation service, you get this for free!

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1. Simple and Quick Process

At Online Dissertation Help, most of the orders we receive are from students in a hurry. We understand the urgency and the need for efficiency. It’s why we have ensured our entire process—from the order placement to the final delivery—includes as few steps as possible, and each is quick to complete. We also provide multiple options so users can take their preferred route when placing their qualitative dissertation order with us.

2. PhD-Level Professionals

We only hire Masters and PhD-level experts so you can get the best content delivered to your inbox. We know you may be worried about handing over your critical project to strangers. And so to assure you, we offer you the best talent there is in the UK. So, when you buy dissertation UK from us, you can be 100% sure to receive unmatched quality. Our professionals are no novices to the field they help you with and will assist you to the best of their abilities—which is an incredibly high standard.

3. Affordable Rates

When individuals look for top-quality dissertation writing services, they also keep their budget into account. After all, studying in the UK can be quite expensive, especially for international pupils. We completely understand this struggle, and in the interest of helping our clients, we offer the best value for their money. Our cheap packages are enough to get the interest of prospects, but our additional offers often close the deal. We provide a 15% discount on the first order. You can review our discounts page to get full details about our price cuts.

4. Reliable Services

We have heard many scary recounts about scam companies looting students. They pose as legitimate academic help service providers when in reality, they are only interested in mooching off of unsuspecting students. It’s important to get a reliable company like Online Dissertation Help on your side, or you can lose all your investment. We have been in the dissertation help industry for several years, and our multitude of testimonials backs our reputation as a trustworthy company. You can scroll and check them above.

5. Ad Hoc Packages

Sometimes, students don’t need help with the complete dissertation. They may have trouble with a qualitative dissertation analysis chapter or may need to work on the proposal. They may also only require editing or rewriting services for the draft they have compiled. It doesn’t make any sense to pay the full amount for part of a service, so we provide ad hoc packages to students. This way, whenever they need assistance with a section or are looking for a dissertation proposal online, they can get the best rates with us.

6. Friendly Team

When you desperately need qualitative data dissertation services, you need a friendly and sympathetic ear to listen to your troubles and gently guide you to the solution. Sadly, this can’t be said for most academic help services online. Some are only interested in getting you to pay for the service as quickly as you can, while others seem indifferent to what you say. Thankfully, the support team at Online Dissertation Help is friendly and kind. They will answer all your queries, put all your concerns to rest, and guide you without rushing you. Talk to them today and see how great they are!

7. Feedback Loop

Writing is a process. There are hundreds of approaches to a single topic or argument, and our experts can choose any of them when working on your task. This means there are chances of miscommunication when following instructions. Our writers may take a direction you didn’t ask for, so you can explain and clarify the guidelines. The experts will make changes and rework the document to incorporate your feedback. And don’t worry; we do all this at no additional cost to you. Our professionals will make sure everything is as you want it to be and will be glad to make as many revisions as you want until you’re satisfied.

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