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About the Orders

How do I place a dissertation order?

Placing your dissertation order with our team is simple. And it only takes a few steps for students to follow. So, here’s what you need to do:


  • First, visit our website and head to the “order now” section. That’s where you will place your order by filling out the details of your dissertation. These can include various elements such as outlines, instructions, guidelines, topics, and more.
  • After that, we come to the second step of the dissertation order process. It’s where you need to complete your payment.
  • When you arrive at the payment page, select your transaction method, and you’re done. It’s that simple. We begin our work when your payment is processed. The writers take your information and write by following each and every instruction. In addition, we also keep your chosen deadline in mind.
  • Finally, we have the review process. But this step comes after the order is complete. We send it back so students can review it before their submissions. However, we can make changes if you need them. This is because the order process involves our revision guarantee.

What’s the payment process for dissertation orders?

The payment process for dissertations is simple and easy to understand. And it’s the third step you take when placing your order. Students will first need to give us all the necessary information and then move on to completing the transaction.


We accept standard online transactions for all order payments. So, there’s nothing complex about it. Instead, these are the same transactions as every major website or business online. Therefore, we can assure you they’re secure for all customers.


However, please call us if you are confused about payments and transactions. Our consultants will be able to break down exactly how it works so you can place your order with ease.


Call us right now to learn more about the payment processing of your dissertation order.

When will my writers and editors begin my order?

You don't need to worry if you’re trying to learn when your order will begin. It’s all explained when you begin placing it during the first step. But here’s a summarised version of the timeline you can expect to keep it simple:


First, the writers first receive all your instructions. These include outlines, guidelines, etc. They then begin reviewing your requests. However, they do not start working until the payment transactions are complete. This is a precautionary measure to save our writers’ time and effort. But we can assure you every order begins immediately after the transaction is complete.


As soon as you do it, we assign your writer the task and give them the go-ahead. They then follow your deadlines set during your order placement as a timeline to complete your order.


We recommend speaking to our consultants for a more in-depth explanation of the above process.

Can you finish the order in a day, or is that impossible?

The deadline for our writers is set during the order placement phase. However, you need to keep realistic timeframes in mind, as our writers are human, not machines. Therefore, if you have a tight submission date, for example, one day, then it’s best you to speak with our team directly. After all, we may be able to help.

Is it possible to change parts of my order if they do not meet the requirements?

Providing students with a customisable experience is our goal. Therefore, you can reasonably expect our team to also let you change parts of your order. But let’s break it down by explaining how orders work before we explore how you can get revisions done.


Placing a dissertation order requires students to provide our writers with their instructions and due dates. These can include briefs, topics, research limits, and more. This helps our experts create a document that reflects your professor’s needs and outlines.


However, there may be certain elements that don’t meet those requirements, in your opinion. And you can contact our team to have us change those parts if you do not like them.


That is a basic explanation of our “free revisions” guarantee. And it’s applicable to every order you place. Therefore, students can call and speak to our writers or consultants to make these changes right away.


For more details on the guarantees, like free revisions, call and speak to our consultants and representatives or review the relevant pages on our site. They will provide you with more information.

How do I receive my dissertation order?

All dissertation service communications will be handled via email. That means your order will be sent to you directly. You will provide us with your email during the order placement, and we’ll simply email it back to you once complete.


To learn more about orders, call our dissertation help services.

About the Writers and Experts

How does your website handle the orders?

  • Our website handles orders in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. And you can expect yours to be complete on the dates you set. Here’s how the orders work in more detail:

  • After you’ve placed your order, completed the payment, and provided us with the outline and guidelines to follow, your designated writer begins the task. They work on your paper while also adhering to your strict order deadline. (You can set this date during the order placement)

  • Then, we send the paper to the editors once the expert is done. The proofreaders ensure the manuscript stays clear, concise, and well-written while also fixing any tiny errors that may slip through. As a result, you receive 100% quality papers for the best grades.

Is client/writer communication possible?

Working with our experts on a personal level is what separates our service from the rest of the market. So, the answer to this question is a yes! You can communicate with writers.


Students will constantly be in touch with the writers and consultants while our experts work on their orders. This allows the clients to get more updates, follow progress, and evaluate the finished writing once our experts complete it. In addition, the communication factor also helps with the revision process. After all, we want students to have the best experience. Therefore, communication only allows us to take it further.


However, students will need to call our helpline directly and discuss issues with our consultants first. These problems will then reach your writer, who can then follow up on an individual basis.

Who are the experts in your service?

As a leading writing service, we only deliver the best. But that begins with the writers, editors, and experts we hire. So, let us tell you about the professionals in our teams.


Every writer, editor or proofreader we hire is an expert in the field of education. And all come bearing PhD-level certifications. This is to ensure that they meet the high quality standards of our clients’ work. In addition, our recruitment staff undergoes training to select and handpick only the best. Then, they go on to choose each professional based on our subject's specialisation.


However, we also take it one step further because our teams only focus on recruiting experts within the United Kingdom. These professionals show a higher aptitude and proficiency for English language work. As a result, we eliminate any quality problems that may arise due to remote workers and writing staff.


Call us right now to learn more about our professionals, and we’ll connect you to a consultant who can explain the background and composition of each team.

Can I pick a writer I like to work on my dissertation?

We offer students many choices with every order as a customisable writing service. But most students will want to know the answer to the most basic question, “Can we choose our writers?”


And the answer is yes! You can choose your writers with our dissertation service. We have many experts and professionals who specialise in your subject needs. So, simply select one while placing your order.

About Guarantees

How does the guarantee system work?

Our dissertation services offer guarantees on every order you place. These allow students to benefit while emphasising our commitment to our customers or clients.


The guarantees we offer include:


Delivery on time:

We guarantee every order is complete and delivered within a student’s set delivery dates. This leads to effective time saving and zero delays with submissions.


Plagiarism-free dissertations:

Authenticity is always the focus and goal of our dissertation writers. Therefore, we ensure and guarantee your work is original. We also offer a plagiarism report should you need proof.


Dissertation editing and proofreading:

The presentation of your dissertation is never affected, thanks to our help. Instead, we guarantee the removal of minor errors and mistakes with every order our editors and proofreaders handle.


Topic and dissertation writing help:

Many students do not understand their topics or writing tasks. However, our consultants guarantee help with each order, so you easily understand your institution’s requirements and subject or topics.


Dissertation writer certification:

We guarantee that all our experts are completely certified with degrees from top institutes and universities in the United Kingdom.

About Plagiarism

Is plagiarism going to be an issue with your dissertation service?

Plagiarism is never an issue with our dissertation writing service. After all, we understand the core issue with authenticity. Students in the United Kingdom have to submit original and authentic work. But doing so requires a lot of effort.


Thankfully, our experts know the realm of academics well. Therefore, we eliminate all forms of plagiarised content from your dissertation. Thus, resulting in a paper that can score you A+ grades.


Our proofreaders and editors use additional software to scan and analyse the words and sentences. This precaution allows our writers to always deliver 100% originally-written dissertations for every subject.

What do you do for plagiarism?

Plagiarism is never allowed in any subject. And students can face heavy penalties if their work isn’t original. That’s why our team has a plagiarism-free policy. Here’s how our writers handle it:


First, we complete your work with the best writing from our professionals. Then, we send the work to our editors for grammatical and linguistic mistakes. After that, we send the document to the proofreading team, which analyses each line using special software. And this helps us find any authenticity issues.


We then work to remove the content and replace it with original writing. As a result, you’ll always receive a perfectly authentic dissertation. In addition, we also send students the plagiarism report if they request it when placing an order.


Contact us now to learn more about plagiarism and our writing policies and guarantees.

About Other Services

Do you cover all kinds of dissertations?

Yes! We do cover all kinds of dissertations. Our writers are the best experts in every subject in the UK. So, whether you need law, nursing, marketing, accounting, English language, or even history, our experts are always here to help.


Simply reach out to our team, select your subject, and complete your order placement.


In addition, we also cover all formats and structures for dissertation writing. Students can confirm the type of dissertation they need during the order placement step 1. After that, our experts will follow the structure you’ve selected.

Can you help with other kinds of academic writing?

As the leading writing service in the UK, we help students across the board with their academic needs. These include everything from structure and format to writing styles and subjects. But that doesn’t mean we only stick to one kind of academic paper. Our team isn’t here only to provide support for dissertation students. Instead, we offer help with essays, assignments, research papers, and more. We also provide individuals with editing and proofreading support or simply subject-related consultations.


As a result, you can call and speak to our team no matter the kind of task you require. And we’ll help you reach your goal and score good grades.


Visit our website, click the services tab, and check the other formats, styles, and papers we cover under our writing services. Or you can give our team a call and speak to consultants for your specific style, paper, or assignment if you don’t see it listed. 

What about proofreading or editing?

Apart from writing support, we also provide additional help with editing or proofreading services. Thus, allowing our clients to resolve any issues with their academic writing.


You can use our editing and proofreading options to have our experts perfect your already-written dissertations and submissions. We’ll remove plagiarism and grammatical issues and fix the overall structure and presentation of your work.


Contact us now to use our editing and proofreading service.

Is sample writing available with your services?

Yes! Sample writing is a big part of understanding how you can improve your work. It also helps you see the techniques professionals use while creating the perfect A+ dissertation or paper.


Students can visit our website, head to “Samples”, and learn more about the topic they like. Our team has examples for every topic, chapter, and field.

I don’t understand my dissertation topic. Can you help?

Yes! It’s okay not to fully understand your dissertation topic, research, and themes. However, to effectively score an A+, students need to practice and learn as much as they can. That’s why we offer our consultation helpline to students. So, just call our team instead of struggling to understand your work. We’ll have a consultant guide you with their clear knowledge of your subject and field.

About Our Service

Is the service safe for dissertation students?

Yes! Our tools are completely secure and safe for students in the UK to use. We help students manage their time and personal lives by shouldering the weight of academic writing. However, we are also a learning tool to teach students the core concepts and fundamentals of their subjects.


So, rest assured our services are safe, secure, and easy to use.

Are my data and information secure during the order process?

Data and information protection is a core focus of our services. That’s why we do not store any user-related info unnecessarily on our servers. Instead, we use high level security features that keep your data and information private. In addition, we also follow the strict code of conduct set forth by the GDPR legislation. So, you can trust that we’ll never breach your trust.


Moreover, we also have a security policy that prevents any data from being reused, resold, or leaked online. That way, your dissertation, papers, and assignments stay anonymous.


Lastly, we also have developers and software engineers working on our internal servers and processes. They patch and update our site to withstand any malicious entities seeking to benefit from your private information.


Reach our team now to learn more about our data and information security policies.

Can students afford your services?

Yes! Our team understands how difficult life is for a student in the UK. You have classes, lectures, and at times even jobs to manage. Moreover, it’s not easy to afford help with your degree. That’s why we keep our service easy to use. Our prices are also low and affordable. As a result, every student gets the assistance they require.


Of course, low prices do not mean low quality. Instead, our writing offers A+ grade results. So, order now and get the writing support you need.

Can I receive a discount with your dissertation writing services?

Yes! We do offer discounts and promotional deals throughout the year for both new and existing clients. However, they can vary depending on various factors, such as the length and size of the order you place.


To learn more about our specific promotional discounts, please head to our customer service representative’s helpline and speak directly to our team.

Can I get my money back or a refund for my dissertation?

Of course, you can get your refund and money back for your order. But there are a few things for students to keep in mind to ensure eligibility. If you have accidentally placed an order twice, you can let us know, and we will refund the amount for the extra order. If you believe the document you received is plagiarised, you can send us a Turnitin report as proof, and we will refund or rework your project. And if you claim the content is not good quality, our quality assurance experts will look into the matter and process refunds based on the results. Please head over to our refund policy for complete details.


Contact us for more questions about refunds or money-back policies.

Can I get my money back instead of using the revisions policy?

Yes, if your case is legit. However, you cannot switch from revisions to refunds.

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