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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Introduction: User privacy and data protection are extremely important to our team. And we take both very seriously. However, preparing customers so they understand the Privacy Policy we use is also an important part of the process. Therefore, we encourage you to read the following terms and conditions under our current policy before you use our services. It covers the basics and in-depth information about how we operate. Here’s a brief summary:

  • Why Does Our Company Collect or Process the Personal Data of Customers?
  • About Customer Consent
  • What Data Does Our Company Collect?
  • How Long are Data and Information Stored?
  • Do We Share Data, Information and Personal Records?
  • Where Can Your Personal Data be Processed?
  • Cookies and Related Information
  • Google Analytics, Awards and How We Use Them
  • Marketing and Opting Out
  • Information About the Customer’s Rights
  • Complaints and Their Processes
  • Child Safety and Protection

The list above goes together with our Cookies Policy. And when combined, they form the basis of our Terms and Conditions. So, please ensure you read our Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy to better understand the terms of our services.


If our privacy policy contains undefined terms, their meaning and explanation will be present in and used from our Terms and Conditions.


If you disagree with our Terms and Conditions or Privacy and Cookies Policies, you should not use our services, website or tools.


Contact our team using the relevant communication channels for questions and queries regarding our Privacy Policy.


Why Does Our Company Collect or Process Your Personal Data?

Our team is serious about the data protection and privacy of our users. Therefore, we only use customer information for legitimate reasons while adhering to the current laws and regulations. Here are the purposes behind the usage of your data:


  • To provide the help and services requested.
  • To ensure that our content, website and tools are accessible on your devices.
  • To contact you during or in relation to your order or order processes.
  • To fulfil all obligations pertaining to the contracts with our company.
  • To manage your user account, payment processes, refunds, and notifications.
  • To ensure our website’s safety and security.
  • To provide notifications about our terms and service changes.
  • To respond to your queries, comments, complaints, questions, and concerns.
  • To conduct Company and Services related research, including statistical or behavioural analysis.
  • For marketing-related contact purposes.
  • To offer suggestions or recommendations to you or other customers about our services and website.

Legal Basis – Data Processing

Our company will only process your information if we have the legal ground for doing so. (“Legal basis” with respect to GDPR). For the purpose of this policy, our “legal basis” for the processing of your personal data is:


  • Client consent.
  • The performance of client/company-based contracts.
  • Our interest in protecting our company and clients from any attempts of fraudulent actors and transactions while also providing account security and quality customer support.
  • Complying with legal obligations.

About Customer Consent

Processing any personal or customer-related information will require you to provide us with your consent for each activity.

However, if you wish to withdraw previously provided consent, you will need to email our team. The withdrawal of consent means we can no longer use any information. And we will stop doing so if it is already in use.


Please note that the website, services and tools will be inaccessible to you without consent.


What Data Does Our Company Collect?

While using our Website or Services, we can collect your information and personal data in a few ways.

1. Personal Data

The information our team directly collects from you:


  • Any information you provide to our team during the Order Form filling process or through correspondence via phone, email or otherwise. This includes the following information given to our website, such as submission materials and information, account information, surveys, etc.:
  • Your name
  • Email addresses
  • Passwords
  • Phone numbers
  • Academic information

The above information is necessary to fulfil contracts between clients and our company and uphold legal obligations.


We collect the following data from the surveys you fill out:


  • Birth date
  • Gender
  • Academic qualifications
  • Academic majors/field
  • Family status

The legal ground for the above information is our interest in improving the quality of our services and support.

2. Information Used by Third Parties:

We work with several third parties, such as business partners, payment service providers, and analytics providers. They may require or review certain elements of your data. However, we do not store any payment information. Third-party transaction-related service providers use it to process fees online. Here’s what they may require:


  • Your payment cardholder information
  • Email addresses
  • Your registered address

How Long are Data and Information Stored?

Our company only stores data and information for as long as it is required. Reasons are included in the previous sections of the Privacy Policy. Please see “Why Does Our Company Collect or Process Your Personal Data?” If legal or regulatory obligations are in action, we may hold your information for longer periods.


Do We Share Data, Information and Personal Records?

Here’s how your information and personal data are shared across our services:


  • Third parties may require your data for our services to function. For example, payment processes. In those cases, we provide the necessary data to the third-party companies on your behalf.
  • External organisations or agencies may briefly hold your personal data in the case of an investigation or fraud-related concerns regarding illegal activity.
  • Personal data can be sold or shared as part of corporate business transactions. For example, mergers, joint ventures, corporate reorganisation, acquisitions, etc.
  • Your data may be transferred to external organisations in the case of juridical responsibility following court orders.
  • Personal data may be shared upon giving consent. You can provide consent via our written forms or via “click-through” agreements.

The Data Recipients


Service Providers


We may disclose personal information and data to third-party service providers, contractors, and partners who complete transactions and provide specific services such as payment card processing, customer service, billing, etc. However, we ensure your data is safe with each service provider.




They enable and provide us with support for our services. We may also transfer your information to our company affiliates or subsidiaries.


Where Can Your Personal Data be Processed?

Data and information we gather can be shared with various service providers and affiliates. However, some information may be shared with parties located within countries with different jurisdictions from the ones you currently reside in. This is usually related to countries that fall outside the European Economic Area.


This Privacy Policy and the agreements with our company guarantee the protection of your personal data.


Cookies and Related Information

Cookie files help improve your user experience with our site. You can learn more about these files by reading our Cookie Policy.


Google Analytics, Adwords and How We Use Them

Our website uses various beneficial services such as Google Analytics, provided by Google Inc, to help with Web analysis. This service uses cookies and allows us to track the usage of our website and services. However, the use of these files means your usage statistics are shared with Google’s servers in the USA. As a result, they are eligible to review your information and website usage in relation to our services. Moreover, they can also transmit data to other third parties and services.


Furthermore, Google can use your information and data from your personal Google accounts to show you specifically targeted advertisements. This occurs if you have previously consented to Google using your online data with your browser history.


Along with the above mentioned cookies, we use third-party vendors for remarketing and tracking. These include Google Adwords. As a result, you may receive advertisements on specific websites.

Users can disable these functions through their browsers. But please note that doing so will affect our website’s functionality and features.


For more information, visit the analytics help section of our privacy information.


Marketing and Opting Out

Our company may contact clients through electronic messaging services for direct marketing purposes. These include emails, texts or similar services. If you have previously provided consent, you will receive promotions, special offers and other notifications that may interest you.


However, you currently hold the right to stop the processing of your data for direct marketing. Therefore, YOU CAN, AT ANY TIME, ASK US TO DISCONTINUE THE USAGE OF YOUR INFORMATION.


To exercise your right, you can contact our team via the provided communication channels such as email, phone, etc.


Information About the Customer’s Rights

As a GDPR data subject in the United Kingdom, you have rights related to your personal data. These are listed below. But please note our team may require us to identify you before we take action upon your requests. Your rights include:


  • The ability to request access to personal data and information.

You can access any data we store using this right. However, you may be subject to specific charges or fees where applicable upon request.


  • The ability to request corrections to incomplete or incorrect data.

You are entitled to make changes and corrections to any data we hold about you.


  • You are entitled to make changes and corrections to any data we hold about you.

You can request the erasure of your information (The right to be forgotten). Your right is exercisable if:


  1. You withdraw consent to data processing.
  2. You object to data processing, and there is no justifiable reason to continue
  3. You object to data processing for direct marketing.
  4. Processing specific information is unlawful
  5. There’s a case of processing the personal information of children (minors under 16).

  • The ability to restrict the processing of any personal data.

If data is incorrect or inaccurate, you retain the right to object to its processing.


  • The ability to request not to be subject to automated processing.

You retain this ability in cases where computer programs or software make decisions affecting the user’s contractual rights.


  • The ability to request data portability.

You can request to receive all personal data and information provided in a machine-readable format. Where technically feasible and secure, such information is transmittable to other data controllers.


Complaints and Their Processes

Users have the right to file complaints with any supervisory authority if they have concerns about the data and information we collect. This authority is the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the United Kingdom. You can contact them at and begin by filing a complaint about data protection issues.


Child Safety and Protection

Our services and website or tools are not intended for the use of children under 16 years of age. Any individuals under this age may provide personal data or information to our company. We strongly disapprove of such actions. In addition, we do not willingly, knowingly, or intentionally collect data from children under 16.


If you are under the age of 16, do not use and/or provide information and data on this website and services or provide information relating to yourself, name, address, age, telephone number, email addresses, or any screen/usernames.


Upon learning of information provided by minors under 16, we will delete the data from or about the child. Please contact us if you believe information about children under 16 has been sent to our services.


Final Provisions

This privacy document is designed to create a complete understanding between the client and the business. In this case, between you, “the client,” and us, “the business.” Neither party of this Privacy agreement shall have confidence in any other oral or written details expressly included in this document.


Notices and reports of this Privacy Policy are considered to be learned or read within 1 day from the moment they were sent.


This document may be altered, changed, adjusted and revised at our sole and absolute discretion with issued notices and warnings.


Contact Us

You are welcome to contact our team with any questions or concerns you may have. Simply send us a request in relation to the Privacy Policy at


The Privacy Policy agreement is concluded in electronic form. It equals in legislative force to similar documents signed in ink.

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