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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Online Dissertation Help prioritises customer satisfaction. This is why we provide the best academic writing services at surprisingly low prices. We care about your academic problems and want the best for you. Hence, our experts will assist you in researching and writing excellent dissertations. We’ll help you out even if you’re running out of time and want your dissertation delivered within a few days. Our writers are incredibly efficient and know how to deliver high-quality papers on time.

We always meet the expectations and requirements of our users. However, you can ask for a refund under the following terms and conditions in rare cases due to disappointment or other issues:

Late Orders

We’ve never delivered a dissertation late since founding our website. Of course, we also ensure timely delivery in rush orders. However, we are aware of the harsh consequences of late submissions. Hence, our writers work tirelessly to help you turn in your coursework on time without violating our high quality standards.


Even so, feel free to contact our customer assistance agents and discuss the matter in detail if we cannot deliver your dissertation before the provided deadline. Naturally, there will be a genuine reason behind the delay in order delivery. However, you’re entitled to receive a refund if the cause is not genuine–an unlikely scenario.


Additionally, the following are conditions you should know about before applying for a refund:


  • If the deadline has passed due to a non-genuine reason and the dissertation is of no use, we’ll look into the matter and provide you with a full refund in the form of store credits. However, we’ll only offer a refund if the delivered content remains original and hasn’t been submitted.
  • If your professor only deducts a few marks due to late submission, we’ll only reimburse a certain percentage of the total amount. Also, while making a claim, you’d need to prove your professor deducted your marks, and the said reduction was based on late submission.
  • We investigate every refund claim collaboratively and only reimburse the amount if the panel agrees unanimously. If you don’t respond to the queries from our experts within 12 hours and don’t provide them with further/valid proof, Online Dissertation Help will not entertain any partial or full refund claims.
  • If our writing expert cannot deliver your dissertation on time, you can get a 20%-50% refund on your order after approval. However, refunds will only be applicable in this case if the total amount is paid in advance.
  • We will solely provide a refund if we miss the original submission deadline of your dissertation. However, we won’t entertain revisions under the same deadline and will mutually decide on a new delivery date.

Quality Issues

Students love the quality of our dissertations. Our writers consistently deliver high-scoring papers. No matter the immediacy of the deadline, we never compromise on the quality of our work. However, if you feel your dissertation is not written the way you wanted, you can opt for unlimited free revisions.


We’ll only offer refunds based on quality issues under the following conditions:


  • If you can prove our dissertation is completely plagiarised using Turnitin, we’ll provide you with a full refund but in the form of store credits.
  • You can’t claim refunds after opting for free revisions. However, if we haven’t written your dissertation according to your specifications, our experts will analyse the dissertation according to your requirements again and make the required changes.
  • If you’re not satisfied with the dissertation even after the revisions, our QA department will handle the matter. Our panel consists of some of the most experienced and qualified subject experts. They’ll analyse the issue, and we’ll offer a refund if editing doesn’t help your case. However, the refund won’t be applicable if you’ve submitted the paper.

Technical Issues and Glitches

We update our website regularly to avoid any payment or operational glitches. However, in case of any technical issues leading to additional payment deductions, we offer refunds under the following conditions:


  • If your card has been mistakenly charged multiple times, you’re required to inform the customer support team immediately and provide them with the necessary transaction details. We’ll soon reimburse the full amount.
  • We’re not responsible if the payment company makes the error. However, you’re advised to resolve the issue with them to avoid such incidents in the future.

Unavailability of the Expert

This is a very unlikely scenario, and it probably won’t happen. However, suppose our customer support representatives fail to connect you with an expert who specialises in the subject of your dissertation. In that case, you can place another dissertation help order of an equivalent amount.


Cancellation Policy

You’d have to cancel your order within 24 hours to be within the terms of our cancellation policy. We’ll refund the total amount through store credits after order cancellation. However, if the writer has started work on your dissertation, order cancellation won’t be possible.


Not Getting a Good Grade

While most of our dissertations score well, we never guarantee a specific grade. This is because our experts always meet our quality standards. However, your dissertation grade depends on your professor’s assessment. Therefore, we don’t entertain grade-based refund claims.


Scoring a Failing Grade

If you score an F grade on your dissertation, you’ll have to show proof within 30 days to claim a refund. However, considering none of the students who opted for our service has failed their dissertation, this situation is very unlikely.


Depending on the case, we’ll reimburse 30% to 50% of the total amount. You are also required to provide your professors’ feedback to help us understand what went wrong.


Scenarios Where Refund Claims Won’t Be Applicable

  • We won’t entertain any refund requests if the submission deadline is less than 48 hours away.
  • Our experts will keep contacting you throughout the dissertation help process, and you have to cooperate with them for the best results. If the provided requirements are incomplete, we won’t offer any refund.
  • We won’t consider refunding you if the process is not followed properly.

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