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Revision Policy

Revision Policy

Online Dissertation Help provides writing services in the UK. To ensure a great customer experience, we also offer amendments for all projects. These are bound by the revisions policy. Following are the stipulations:

Instructions in Order Placement

The customer holds all responsibility for providing detailed, accurate, and unambiguous instructions when placing an order. These details are essential for the expert to start working on the project. Any pertinent information received after the writing process has begun will either:

  • not be entertained
  • be charged separately

However, if the professional in question has deviated from the original instructions, the revision request by the client will be deemed valid. In this case, Online Dissertation Help will proceed with the requested amendments immediately.

Approval Process

Online Dissertation Help provides an approval process to ensure the writer we have assigned to your task is working in line with your instructions. First, they send a draft with a request for approval. If you ignore the file for 24 hours or send your go-ahead without checking first, any of your revision requests in these sections will not be entertained. Furthermore, if our quality assurance team finds you first approved the draft that included the direction/mistake you are now requesting to change, we will either:

  • not entertain it
  • charge for it separately

Revision Request

Once the file is submitted, you can send a revision request if the file contains errors or does not follow the guidelines you provided. You can do this by either talking directly to one of our customer support representatives or emailing us at

Before submitting your request, please ensure you have read the document thoroughly. You will not be able to revert the changes you request once.


Once the draft or file is delivered, the client is provided with a time period of 14 days (for shorter orders) and 21 days (for larger projects like theses and dissertations) to request revisions. We start the countdown from the time the file is delivered. If this deadline passes, the document will be approved automatically. However, if the customer still wants to pursue a revamp of the content, they will now need to place a separate order for editing.

On the other hand, if the client proceeds with the revision request within the timeline, any and all changes will be completely free of cost.

If you want any more information regarding our revision policy, please feel free to contact us via email at

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